Fixing my dining room epoxy

I have a dining room that has the most gorgeous floor.

The previous owner took seaglass and laid it all on wood flooring so that it made almost an ocean pattern.

They then took epoxy and poured it over the glass to make a smooth, shiny finish. For years I loved that portion of the house. I even got a table that was epoxied similar to it. Well epoxy doesn’t last forever. Moving my table around on the floor, the chairs going in and out and people walking across it create wear and tear. Certain spots looked dingy and others had scratches on them. I am not artistic or handy in any way. I knew that epoxy could be reapplied to make the floors look new, but I just didn’t have the skills. I hunted around online and found a commercial and residential cleaning company. That can handle stained grout, gross carpets, pressure washing and they refinish floors. They do epoxy floor installation and restoration. After giving my floor and even my table a facelift, the dining room looks that much better. I can see all the pieces of the sea glass again and it is just beautiful. I was worried that I would need to cover my gorgeous floors with a rug in order to protect them. Knowing there is a company that can do the epoxy quickly and quite cheaply, I can use my floors like normal and just get them patched when needed. I think next time I hire them I will have them continue in my living room area and clean up the grout lines on my tile floors.

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