First time home buyer seminars are the perfect place to market HVAC businesses

I see many first time homebuyers make all the wrong mistakes because they simply just don’t know where to begin. As a real estate agent, my goal is to provide ease to the homebuying process and answer my clients’ questions that they didn’t even know they had. To help my business grow, I began developing close relationships with different technicians and contractors that could be of use to my new clients. I always find that newbies never know where to begin when it comes to air conditioning. I offer a small seminar for potential clients to ask any and all questions about homebuying, and the past few times I’ve invited these contractors to come and market their businesses. This is really helpful to the contractors because they’re able to market their businesses for free, and it’s attractive for my clients to have a real estate agent that puts all of these puzzle pieces together for them. I always integrate HVAC businesses into the seminar and give them a time slot to speak about how to know if your new home needs an A/C upgrade, different HVAC options, and what they can expect to pay for those sorts of services. Attending the seminar automatically gives them a twenty perfect discount off of any HVAC repair or installation, and in turn, those businesses allow me to market my material for free in their store and on their social media. Real estate is really all about who you know and making lasting connections where both parties have mutual benefits. I really love these seminars, and I think my clients enjoy it too!


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