First serious winter hasn’t been as bad thanks to HVAC

It’s so cozy and warm in my home because I sealed it up tight and insulated it

So I knew I was in for a real change when it came to weather. Moving from the air conditioning of the south to the north where they have HVAC equipment I hadn’t ever seen was my first clue. No really, I knew what I was in for. Having spent my entire life in the south meant that I had never experienced the intensity of a northern winter. So I wasn’t trying to kid myself. And that’s probably worked out for me in the end. When I first moved to the north, it was still summer. Granted, it was a much different sort of summer than what I had just left. Our summer comes with heating and humidity levels that both end up hanging right around the century mark. So leaving all that HVAC cooling was pretty nice. I ended up here where the end of summer meant that the nights were cool but the days were still warm. For me, it was more like the end of fall or the beginning of winter. So I knew right then that I needed to make HVAC heating a priority for my first winter. The house I purchased came with a new gas furnace. That was a really bonus since I really didn’t know anything about HVAC heating. I did know enough though to go online and learn what I needed to do for my new place when it came to winter preparations. Man, am I ever glad that I did that. It’s so cozy and warm in my home because I sealed it up tight and insulated it. The HVAC heating is on and keeping me warm but it’s also not costing me a fortune either.


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