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I live in an home complex that has absolutely lazy management, but when you need something fixed it takes them forever plus you have to keep calling them to get anything done! The central heating plus air conditioner that heats plus cools my home has been making a lot of noise lately.

This noise is absolutely discouraging plus it also indicates that the central heating plus air conditioner is having some kind of issues that could lead to a real heat plus air conditioner breakdown.

And who knows if that happened if they would ever maintenance the thing or if I would die of a heat stroke or freeze to death as a result! I want to get this heating plus air conditioner looked at plus checked on before something like that happens. I keep calling them to get someone up here to look at it. It has been over a month now. If they do not send someone soon I am going to call a lawyer or something to startle them. That is the only thing I can suppose of to get them on the ball to repair this central heating plus air conditioner before it gets pretty serious. I have another 7 months left on this lease. When it is up I suppose I am going to transfer elsewhere… Maybe I will rent a home. At least there you are dealing with a single single building owner most of the time plus they will maintenance your central heating plus air conditioner if needed because it is technically their central heating plus air conditioner.



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