Everyone needs their own room and HVAC setting

My husband and I bought a house with the idea that we each would get our own room.

He loves to blast the air conditioner and I love heating.

We set up our own spaces and each got a ductless mini split. It has worked so well for us. Our relationship is stronger without sharing a room. He can hoard and cram a bunch of clothing in his room. He can leave a mess on the floor and I don’t even care. My room hardly has anything in it and is neat as a pin. I believe everyone should have their own space. We have two kids and they each have a bedroom and an indoor air handler that provides AC and heating. They decide their own HVAC settings. Well I recently found out that I am pregnant. We now need to scramble for another bedroom. My husband and I refuse to share. It seems cruel to make the kids bunk up. I also found that my laundry room just isn’t good enough for a child. That means we will be putting an addition onto the house. It is going to cost so much money but it will be worth it. Our third child should get the same perks we all do. I want my baby to have their own bedroom with a window, door that locks, heating, cooling and a separate thermostat. That would make everything fair. Adding an extra bedroom will only add value to the house as well. My husband and I will be paying years for it though.



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