Everybody said nice things about our beach house except for our aunt

When most of our family came to visit at our new home, nobody honestly complained about anything… I heard nothing however nice things about our house, but everybody liked the size of our home, and the home office was especially nice with the fireplace, but my husbandy talked about getting a fireplace in the master kitchen as well, although I wasn’t sure we should take on such a immense project that is costly.

Instead, I commanded we get an electric fireplace for the kitchen and we wouldn’t have to worry about cutting a bunch of extra wood every Winter season… She agreed and we ended up getting that, however anyway, recently, our aunt came to visit.

I’ve consistently been cool with our aunt, however he tends to be blunt with me about everything, and when he came into our home, the first thing he said was that the air quality was lacking! He insisted on looking at the Heating, Ventilation and A/C and he said the air filter was dirty and I should be using higher quality air filters. He said I was fortunate that I didn’t have children yet because such terrible air quality is not good for the health of youngsters. I actually went to a local Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier not only to pick up some HEPA filters, although I also picked up a couple of UV media media air cleaners to put around the beach house so that our aunt would have no more complaints, and once the air quality complications were solved, that’s when he started talking about me needing to invest in a new roof, even though the roof was only 10 years old.



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