Ever since we had our heating system break down, we have been on an HVAC service plan

A long time ago during a hard winter, we had our heating system break down.

We were very lucky to have a fireplace. We kept that fireplace going the whole time making sure that it never went out and provided enough heating to keep us from freezing. This was while we were waiting on an HVAC professional to come out to repair our gas furnace. We tried to get that gas furnace to run again with no luck. Because this was considered an emergency repair, we had to pay almost triple the amount a normal repair would cost. It was indeed an emergency though and it also was a valuable lesson to always have the heating system tuned up before the cold season. This isn’t only about comfort, it’s about keeping you alive through the winter months. So ever since that time, we chose to enroll into an HVAC service plan so that both our heating and cooling systems would be properly taken care of and we wouldn’t have any more issues with unexpected breakdowns. With the HVAC service plan, we actually have been saving a lot of money on our maintenance work because when you get into the contract, the prices become much lower. It’s also easy to schedule all the appointments and I get reminders all the time when to expect the HVAC experts. Ever since being enrolled in this place with our local HVAC company, we never have experienced any more breakdowns, though the professionals have warned us to start saving up for a new HVAC unit within the next few years.


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