Enjoying cold air conditioner after a long morning of hiking in the woods

My appreciate for hiking in the woods started early.

I believe fortunate to have a dad who was an avid outdoorsman in her younger years.

Before she met my mother, she went on hiking and hunting trips all of the time with her friends that she lived with at the time. Back then my dad was living in southern MI and would occasionally drive into southern Ontario to hike near Lake Huron. But she and her friends are now all scattered around the country in several sites. She hasn’t seen any of her high college friends in ages, and during the years since my father hasn’t easily made any modern friends to be completely honest. Her task consumes a lot of her time and whenever she is willing to do something outside, the most I can do is get him to acbusiness myself and others on a short hiking trip. More often than not I’m going on my hiking trips completely alone, despite the fact that I don’t mind. It gives myself and others a option to clear my head and figure out solutions to problems that are grappling with my mind throughout the week. The fresh air is nice for my head and exercise is nice for my sedentary body. If I get too warm when I’m out in the woods hiking, I suppose that I can come house and cool off with their air conditioner set to a cold setting. It’s nice having a strong air conditioner that rarely struggles to keep my condo nice and cold when it’s sizzling outside. I can’t imagine how awful it would be if I was stuck with a awful cooling system that never worked as well as I hoped.


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