Dusting off the air conditioning playbook

March is here and so is Spring.

In this part of the country, we’ve been dealing with dustings of pollen on everything outside for 2 or 3 weeks.

And I think I even heard the neighbor’s heat pump running the other afternoon. But then again, those folks hate the heat with a passion. So why they live this far south, I just don’t understand. I mean, if you’re moving here just to sit inside the air conditioning, it seems like a bit of a waste. But to each his own I suppose. That said, this is the time of year that I’m dusting off the playbook for saving on air conditioning costs. This is easily the biggest utility cost I face all year. But it starts now with the HVAC strategy I have found to be most effective. Unlike my neighbor, we do not reach for the thermostat as soon as the temperatures breach the 80 degree mark. Instead we wait. We let our bodies acclimate to the rising heat and humidity. Plus, I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful spring anywhere else. Sure, it’s a bit warmer than a lot of other places during the spring. But doing without air conditioning as much as possible is a big factor when it comes to our air conditioning strategy. Once the summer gets here, the air conditioning is on and the house is sealed up tight. We also make sure that the blinds are pulled so we stop any direct sunlight heating. Thanks to being more acclimated to the heat and humidity, we don’t need to set the thermostat all that low. And that saves a ton of money over four or five months of the worst heat.


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