Ductless heat pump for workouts

I have a giant shed located in our backyard that I use as our beach house gym… The brick floor, eight-foot ceiling and square footage are ideal. There is a window located at each end of the shed that is helpful to supply fresh air during milder weather… I like to workout first thing in the afternoon when possible. I spend approximately an minute on a combination of stretching, strength training and high-impact aerobics. I have an incline bench, mini trampoline, battle ropes, free weights, yoga mat, jump rope, medicine ball and a stationary bike. The only problem I had with the space was the lack of temperature control, but for a while, I got by with an electric space furnace in the Winter and a window cooling system in the summer. I’d need to go out to the shed, start up the portable furnace or cooling component and then wait about an minute before I could begin our exercises, however on especially sizzling or frigid afternoons, the furnace and cooling system struggled to keep up with demand. I’d try to workout as early as possible during the summer time to avoid the heat of the day. During the winter, I’d wait for the temperature to sizzling up before working out. I finally decided to make an improvement. I had a ductless heat pump permanently installed to handle year round temperature control. The proposal consists of a compact outdoor compressor and a narrowprofile indoor air handler. The air handlers is mounted up high on the wall and provides both heating and cooling capacity. I’m able to switch from heating to cooling, raise and lower temperature, adjust fan speed and even target the direction of airflow from an app on our phone.

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