Dreaming about cold air con in the flat

I will write one more of these in addition to then I am done for a while.

I am taking a week off next week in addition to just going to chill at the beach each day.

I will have to buy a sunshine umbrella though because if I am out in the sunshine all day I will turn into a leather cucumber. I just want to go each day to the beach in addition to listen to tunes while relaxing in addition to studying a book. I need a week off after all of the months I have been working seven afternoons a week on Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C tech writing tasks. I suppose it is relaxing to have some time off to get away from your work so you can come back refreshed in addition to ready for another round of it. I’ve been working as a cooling expert for multiple years in addition to it is getting down to the wire soon where I can finally hang up the Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C rep boots for relaxing in addition to appreciate a life of leisure. I learn this book called Work Less in addition to Play More back in 1998 in addition to it changed the course of my life for good. I began to run my own local contractor in addition to got it to the point where I was only working 15 hours a week with my buddy, the local supplier, in addition to that number of hours a week seems to work best for me. I was working around 50 or more hours a week as an engineer in a unquestionably stressful environment, however I grew fatigued of the politics in addition to quit the circus 25 years ago.



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