Don’t forget to check the air ducts

I guess I really should have just allowed the HVAC company to be far more involved when it came to replacing the HVAC unit.

But once the HVAC technician told me that it was time to start planning for an HVAC unit upgrade, I ran with it.

This is sort of a default reaction of mine. I figure that I don’t want to get ripped off by anybody. And a lot of the time, just turning an entire process over to a company can end in too many up charges. So, I didn’t exactly rush to the HVAC company in an effort to get the sort of heating and cooling guidance I actually needed. But to me, it was all really pretty much cut and dried. I needed new HVAC equipment so I’d find the HVAC equipment. Going off the size and style of the HVAC equipment I owned should be enough to get me in the right ballpark. From there, I’d get some options and then run it by an HVAC professional prior to buying the HVAC unit. And that’s exactly what I did. I scoured the internet for the best deals I could find. I figured that’s all it would really take. So when I did buy the HVAC equipment, all I had to do then was schedule the installation. And that’s when the HVAC professional broke the news that it wasn’t just the HVAC equipment that was in need of replacing. Should have gotten the HVAC company involved sooner as my ductwork was shot. This changed everything but I had already purchased the heating and cooling equipment.

Duct sealing