Doing business with a new HVAC company

A new HVAC company moved into the neighborhood.

I live in a pretty small town, so there is not a wide variety of options when it comes to any type of business, much less climate control services.

It was a godsend for me! This small town only had two options for climate control repair and installation. One business is super expensive and always busy. The other is smaller, cheaper, but completely inept! I was really tired of picking my poison! Should I go with the smaller HVAC company that offers cheaper prices for equally cheaper work? For example, they topped off my freon multiple times so my A/C blew cool air again. However, they neglected to patch the hole causing the leak! And at that point, was I really saving money when the HVAC guy had to come back out for multiple visits for which I will be charged again? Or do I go with the expensive and always busy company that has at least somewhat reputable HVAC technicians. Only problem is, I’ll get the issue fixed much later and pay far more. The last time I used their services, my appointment could not be booked any earlier than a month later. I had to go without A/C that long! This new company has employees with impressive certifications and experience. They’re charging reasonable prices and offering great sales and deals to defeat the competition. I’m loving it! I’m even tempted to take advantage of their super cheap offer for a pretty decent new HVAC system.

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