Do you think that the HVAC industry is going to change?

I am not sure if the HVAC industry is going to change, but I am honestly worried about it.

During the last few decades, technology has changed drastically in many different ways.

My parents hardly recognize the world that they are living in. Many of the jobs that they started when they were my age or now obsolete since technology has changed so drastically. My dad used to be a mechanic, but with the introduction of all the computer systems, my dad can hardly figure out how to repair a car now. I am afraid that the same thing might happen with the HVAC industry. Right now, it seems that HVAC units haven’t drastically changed yet. If you knew how to fix HVAC units a couple of decades ago, you probably know how to fix HVAC units today. However, it is only a matter of time in my opinion before the HVAC units of the future begin looking drastically different. If I decide to become an HVAC technician, will it be a waste?. By this, I mean that I am afraid of getting my HVAC certification. It could be possible to become completely certified as an HVAC technician before the industry changes completely. If this happens, then I have to spend more money completely learning my trade. I also don’t want to hold off on my career until the HVAC industry actually changes. I am beginning to think that I should avoid being an HVAC technician and pick a different career. I like HVAC units, but I don’t know if it is worth the risk.

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