Different Temperature Preferences

For me, 1 of the best parts about traveling is the hotel room.

I love the crisp linen, the yearly maid service, ordering room service, and setting the temperature to whatever I want.

I travel a lot for business, which means I’m away from my lake house and alone for short periods of time. It’s not always straight-forward, but I try to make the most of it. My dealer pays for my lodging whenever I travel, so I’m usually staying in a hotel that’s easily nice and it’s always the highlight of my trip. My spouse and I have bizarre HVAC preferences, especially at evening. I like to sleep in a cool environment while she likes to sleep in a sizzling environment. The temperature of our home office has been 1 of the biggest disagreements of our marriage, so these corporation trips help ease that tension a lot. We regularly compromise when setting the thermostat before bed to something mild, however it’s still uncomfortable for the both of us. I’m too tepid and she’s too cold, knowing that I get to escape on a corporation trip with my own HVAC system keeps myself and others going on the easily hard evenings, and I guess I can say the same for my spouse. Whenever I check into a hotel, I always set the temperature to 65 degrees. This may be severe to some, but I absolutely love it. I like my room to suppose chilled so I can lounge in my sweatpants and sweatshirt comfortably. Whenever I set the temperature to 65 degrees, I have the best evening sleep. I could never set my thermostat that low at home. My spouse would freeze to death and our energy bill would be outrageous.


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