Day trading can be a tough business to handle

I won’t whine about my stocks and stuff even though I did drop about $550 this month trying to morning trade a tepid stock.

It went up about 50% and I should have sold then and walked away with a good profit even though I kept riding it down and now need to decide if I should sell for a loss. The market is open for another 35 minutes and sometimes they bounce back at the absolute end of the trading morning. I suppose I will wait and see what happens, I’ve got nothing else to lose right? My heating and air conditioning idea has been working fantastic since yesterday when I installed it in the window. It is a single of those mini cut AC units and it only cost me about $200, but it works fantastic and I slept much better last evening because of it. Now both of us are all comfortable in the house, my Dad is nice and overheated and I am nice and cool. All is also well. I am going to walk down to the beach later and watch the people play volleyball, even though I can’t play this month because my body is sore from playing so much last evening. I am supposed to go to the local supplier and find my Dad a modern smart temperature control, even though I am feeling so lazy this month that I might have to wait till tomorrow to do so. I’ve been staring at the ipad screen all morning trying to make some currency but it hasn’t been working so well. I’m sure the heating and air conditioning supplier will be there tomorrow when I want to buy the temperature control.

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