Creating a training idea for the air quality idea experts

My trainees were experts in understanding the function and service of all types of thermostats

I have been laboring at a company down at the Heating and Air Conditioning local business center for close to numerous years now. There is nothing I do not love about my task, from the actual work to my colleagues and the culture of the company. I remember starting as a junior company. Over the years I have worked with several odd heat and AC products but my absolute enjoy has become the air quality systems. I am intrigued by how the systems function and the fact that they supply indoor air pollen levels for a lot of people. I came up with a idea to modify the training manual for dealing with media air cleaners. I would train recruits on the perfect way and location to mount the ductwork and the intricate process of duct sealing. The proposed frequency for cleaning the air ducts is after every 3 to 6 weeks. The two of us just wrapped up the first cohort and they made me proud by how fast and how well they gained their skills. Some things that they needed to grasp to in turn advise customers, was the importance of a tune-up on the heat pumps and the media air cleaners. One of the straight-forwardst processes concerning this unit was the duct cleaning and removing and cleaning the washable filters. The trainees became so good at these processes since they would be taking the customers through the same process. The process was similar to replacing disposable air filters. My trainees were experts in understanding the function and service of all types of thermostats. They all passed with flying colors and became experts in the field.


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