Cooling system is all good

It seems like an endless mountain I am climbing today with all of the work I have to do.

The best way for me to get through days like this is to not think or judge any of the work and just mindlessly do it without thinking about it.

So that is what I am doing and I will let the work get done on its own with me just watching the words appear on the screen. I will invite my friend over for dinner later this week and we will play with the cats while watching the fireplace crackle away. I need to avoid the beach this week so that my body has time to recover from all of the activity. I am also training a local contractor in yoga today at 4pm and that should help me too, as my lower back has been in pain. I’m going to put some of that pain gel on it and wrap it with a neoprene wrap to keep it warm so it can heal. I also will turn on the space heater in my office so that my body heats up and then I will start cooling it down again with some ice and repeat the process till the back feels better. I think that in three days or so my back will be good again and I can get back to playing ball and drums in my band. We got our business cards for the band and will start handing them out to local businesses so we can play in air conditioned comfort this summer.



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