Come Down to the Beach and Meet Me for Sunset

The beach scene is a way of life for some people, like me.

I have been going to the beach frequently ever since my family moved south when I was eight years old.

I still remember being in awe at the size of the waves. I was much smaller back then so the waves seemed like tidal waves and I had so much fun. I still am going to the beach some 40 years later and have been going steadily almost the entire time, except for a short stint in NYC to chase my comedy career. I’m back in the sand again. I have a heater for sale today online because I am going to buy a geo heat pump and use my central heat instead of the small space heater. I noticed that it uses a large amount of energy when I run it on high, as I’ve always been doing, and this is why my power bills have gone through the roof. I guess the central heat and air unit, even though it’s much larger, is more cost efficient to run. The rates have gone up drastically here this past year, along with all across the globe I bet, and I need to try and cut costs however I can nowadays. I think this new electric heat pump will be much more efficient and pay for itself in a matter of a year or less. It is supposed to come with a 10 year guarantee on parts and labor so I should be pretty set for a while.


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