Clicking of AC System

We’ll never forget the first week in this house.

As we were expected to move in, the weather was dreadful. There were high winds and nonstop rain, but that didn’t keep us from moving into our new home. As we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor that first night, I woke up to the sound of something dripping. I immediately thought it was the rain outside hitting the gutters. Although it was irritating, I forced myself to block out the noise and go back to sleep. The same thing happened the second night, but this time, I realized it wasn’t raining. In my dreary state, I assumed there was still rain in the gutters from the rain that day and it was dripping out again. However, when I heard the noise the following morning, I knew something needed to be addressed. I walked around the house trying to discover where the noise was coming from and I finally found it. It wasn’t rain hitting the gutter, it was our AC system making a clicking noise! This was far worse than a rain and gutter situation, but I knew it could be fixed if I called the right people. I found a local HVAC company and asked them to come fix the clicking noise our AC system was making. After running some tests, the HVAC company discovered that our thermostat was failing, which was causing the AC system to click constantly as it turned on and off again. With a new thermostat, our AC system would stop clicking.



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