Chopping wood for the oil furnace

My plan was to “rough it” plus spend many weeks at the base of the mountains living off the land.

This is something I like to do every few years, just to get in touch with our roots plus remember what life is all about.

I have a small cottage, with the necessities of life, however nothing extra. When I stay here I chop our own wood, carry our own water, plus find our own food, last year I had a bit of a rough time, because Winter time came early plus a rockslide closed down the only road out of here. I spent many weeks living in that cottage, providing our own heating plus living off the land for food. The cottage had no electricity, so a small oil furnace in the center of the room is the only source of heating that I have. This means that during the Winter time weeks the oil furnace needs to be burning basically 24/7, because when it goes out even for a few minutes the temps inside the cottage plummet. It is a wood burning oil furnace that can also use natural gas (except that I don’t have any natural gas), so every day I have to chop more wood. As it stands I have enough firewood to last for several weeks, however unless I am sick or injured I chop more every day. The oil furnace is the difference between life plus death, so breaking firewood isn’t something I do “when I think like it” it’s something I do every day! You can never have enough firewood.

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