Carrying out a furnace/heater tune-up in my former highschool

After leaving school, I had to go to another home

I was seated in the driver’s seat of the home services truck staring at the buildings that held both good and not-so-good memories. I Was back in high school nine years later, but this time not as a student but as an HVAC repairman. Being in the school compound brought back so many memories. I could not even remember the last time I bumped into some I went with to school. They had scheduled a furnace/heater tune-up with the heating corp where I work. I was also supposed to take some measurements to calculate the size of the new gas furnace they wanted to install in the next few months. Because it is an institution, they needed the budget as soon as possible to take it to the board for approval. I also had to check the ductwork to ensure that it was something that we could work on within the upcoming boiler installation. After the inspection, it was clear that the HVAC duct was ok. It just needed duct cleaning and additional sealing to ensure that it was completely insulated. I also cleaned the washable filter that needed replacing, but since we would install a new whole-home heating system, there was no need to add expense. I hoped the school management would take the energy-saving help tips seriously when we installed the new unit. They were also hoping for budget approval before that year’s prom night. After leaving school, I had to go to another home. The homeowner wanted their gas fireplace serviced. Most people rarely called the heating provider to service their fireplace until it ceased to work.

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