Can’t believe the price we got on our house after HVAC upgrade

There was a period there where we had to do everything we could just to hang on to our home. That was sort of a tough time and a bit scary if I’m honest. My wife and I bought this place and brought it back to life. We replaced just about everything in the house once we got our names on the deed. That includes the HVAC equipment. There was so much to do that we got the best residential HVAC unit that we could afford at the time. This turned out to be a heck of a piece of heating and cooling equipment. As soon as we had that HVAC unit installed, we made sure that we started up with all the HVAC maintenance it needed. That meant heating maintenance in the fall so there were no worries in the winter. And then the HVAC professional came back in the spring to do the air conditioning tune up prior to the high heat and humidity of summer. And that thing lasted until we decided to sell. Granted, it wasn’t at it’s most efficient but it made it to the finish line. As part of getting the house on the market, we upgraded the HVAC unit. I was stunned by the HVAC technology evolution from what we put in nearly 30 years ago. The upgraded HVAC equipment is the very latest in residential HVAC and just the SEER rating for the heat pump is nearly triple what the old one was. The heating and cooling utility costs will be slashed significantly compared to what we were experiencing prior to the HVAC upgrade. Plus, we sold the house for a ton of money. Sure glad we were able to hold onto the house and cash in on this long term investment.

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