Cannabis users don't like air conditioning

I’ve been working at a medical cannabis dispensary for a few years and I have come to discover so much about cannabis, particularly its amazing benefits.

Many people with a variety of conditions benefit from this.

It’s encouraging to hear about their different experiences with this plant as well. Although lots of people have different experiences, one particular thing that I hear commonly amongst users is how they don’t like air conditioning after they’ve had their medicine. A lot of people say that when they’ve taken medicine, they almost immediately turn off the air conditioning or turn the thermostat higher because their body temperature seems to drops with cannabis use. I’d love to think using cannabis helps one become more comfortable with a natural environment, rather than a man-made one. Air conditioning companies may even not want to focus on those who have medical cannabis cards as their market consumers because they don’t seem to want colder air. However, they are definitely a profitable people group in the market when it comes to oil heating systems, since they get quite cold after consuming their cannabis meds. I think it would be beneficial to invest in smart thermostats so that one can adjust the temperature without having to get up from the comfort of the couch. Having a smart thermostat would relieve all of the concern! All in all, I think that this job has been particularly fulfilling. It’s helped me think of interesting outcomes and ideas like this. I’ve met a lot of awesome people and see how natural medicine can be quite beneficial for people everywhere.


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