Can air purifiers help in keeping Covid-19 away?

When the pandemic started, I had just replaced one of the heat and AC products in my home. The pandemic started right after summer had begun. After doing the tune-up, the technicians from the local business had recommended that I replace the heat pump since the one I had was not functioning efficiently. When we heard about the pandemic, I took to the internet to research the equipment to help keep away the virus causing Covid. The internet listed a couple of equipment including air quality systems. The provider downtown was running a sale on all air purification systems. I put together my finances and managed to purchase an air purifier. While the technicians were doing the installation, they advised on what to do to ensure that we live in a safe environment. The key things included regular duct cleaning. After they did the duct sealing of the ductwork, the technicians showed us how to inspect the air ducts for dust and dirt. They also took us through the process of cleaning and replacing the washable filters as we could do it in the future without the help of an expert. The Covid-19 virus exists on surfaces and is transferable through touch or air. Thus to keep high indoor air quality, the professionals advised that it is essential to keep the air filters clean and this is achieved through regular cleaning, after every few weeks. I got a digital thermostat for the furnace and the air sanitizer. Though the ministry of health was skeptical about an air sanitizer helping keep away Covid, the main purpose was to have clean air to breathe within the house.

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