Call me for help

I own the local Heating and A/C business, and I seldom take emergency calls anymore.

  • Last month I was at a Christmas celebration and had a couple of drinks when our PC went off.

My after-hours secretary told myself and others there was an emergency at the church and they had no a single available to do the task. I could not go out and work. I wasn’t even sure I should be driving. I told her to find an available Heating and A/C serviceman and get them on the task. She said she had already tried all the Heating and A/C servicemans and they were all at the same celebration I was at. I sent out a message to all the people, and nearly every guy at the celebration lifted their PC. I breathed a quite loud ‘ugh’ and started walking. I asked all the people if they thought they were in a condition to handle an emergency at the church. One young lady had only been with the Heating and A/C corporation for more than one weeks, and she told myself and others she could do the task. She didn’t drink and she could have her wifey go along if that was okay. I wanted to make sure she felt capable of doing such a sizable task as a church Heating and A/C system. When she told myself and others she was ready, I told her to call myself and others if she needed help, and our partner would drive myself and others over. When I hadn’t heard anything from her more than one hours later, I called her. She told myself and others she had just finished the task and the gas furnace was toiling again. She asked if it was okay if she came back to the celebration?


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