Bulky HVAC van was blocking my driveway

I had just left my house about 10 minutes ago, and I was on my way to work, when I realized I forgot my phone.

I couldn’t go to work without my phone, and so I had to drive back, rush in and grab my phone.

I knew this was going to be putting me close time wise, and I would have to rush to avoid being late. However, when I got in my car and prepared to back out, I noticed there was now a HVAC van blocking my driveway. I honked at the van, but it didn’t move. It appears the A/C tech had already gone inside the customer’s home, which was my neighbor’s house. I had to knock on their door, wait for the A/C technician to come out and move the HVAC van, and then finally be on my way. In total it took another 20 minutes, and now I knew I was definitely going to be late. I was pretty annoyed, I mean what moron would park their van in front of my driveway? As I figured, I arrived to work late, and my boss made sure to point it out to me, which didn’t help. By the time I got home, the air conditioning van was long gone, and I hoped that they wouldn’t be back for a long time. Thankfully for me, my neighbor was just getting HVAC maintenance and shouldn’t have the air conditioning company out any time soon. Now hopefully no one else in the neighborhood needs any kind of work on their units, or if they do, go with a company that knows how to properly park their van.



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