Both of us were staying in the desert when the AC broke.

Most people look at you care about you’re nuts when you tell them you’re going camping in the desert.

Both of us had a small camper, but it had bathroom, a kitchen, plus Heating plus Air Conditioning.

Both of us were going to be comfortable while camping! I wanted to see the stars from the desert plus my bestie wanted to see if it actually got chilly in the desert at night. Both of us set up camp, pulled out some food every one of us had in the cooler, plus was just getting comfortable, when the night got silent. I looked at my bestie, plus she looked at me. Both of us both said it at the same time, and the Heating plus Air Conditioning method quit laboring. Both of us pulled all of our stuff into the camper, plus knew every one of us had to pull out before the sun came up. Both of us had travelled all day, plus now every one of us had to travel all night until every one of us could find another campground, or a hotel every one of us could afford. I started to laugh at the irony of it. Both of us came to the desert, lost our Heating plus Air Conditioning, plus now every one of us needed a hotel with heat because it was too chilly to go separate from it. Both of us both began to laugh, then she looked at myself and others plus said that once every one of us found a hotel, she wanted to be the first in the shower. Both of us flipped a coin, plus then flipped another coin to see which hotel every one of us wanted to stay at. It was an easy choice, because 1 of them also had our favorite eating establishment in the lot. Both of us could order from their menu plus both of us be showered before they made delivery.

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