Bitcoin is Diving on me Yet Again

Will this bear market ever end? I suppose it is just a sizable test of patience in the end, just care about everything else in life, more or less.

I’ve heard of a smart Heating in addition to A/C plan but not quite sure what it means.

Is it the smart temperature control they are talking about or is the rest of the unit smart too? I’m sure there have been a ton of current advancements since I had my unit installed so who knows what they have come up with over the past few years. Maybe the smart Heating in addition to A/C plan tells you when the ducts in addition to filters need to be cleaned in addition to things care about that. I’m sure they have a ppm meter in them which tells you how clean the air is coming from the vents. I care about having a HEPA filter in my unit because it easily cuts down on the dust in the air. I have a hand held ppm meter which I use once in a while to tell me how my air quality is doing. I live in a fairly clean air town since the people I was with and I don’t have buses or taxis everywhere despite the fact that I still care about to have a HEPA filter in my Heating in addition to A/C plan to keep the air quality as superb as it can be. I don’t care about it when I can smell exhaust from a passing truck down my little street or someone cooking food in my building so I bought an extra media air purification system for my residing room where I spend most of my time. It’s better to be safe than coughing!


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