Better indoor air quality just an air filter away

All I had to do was upgrade the HVAC air filter to a HEPA filter

I wish everything was as easy to upgrade as the air quality inside my house. But for the longest time, I really had no idea what indoor air quality was anyway. All I knew was that air pollution was bad so I stayed out of air pollution as much as I could. Little did I realize just how polluted the indoor air was in my house. But this is a different sort of air pollution than a factory belching smoke. Still, I thought that indoor air was cleaned by the HVAC equipment. And although I was off a good bit, I did have a bead on the fact that heating and cooling can have a lot to do with good indoor air quality. The fact is that just having an air filter doesn’t mean the HVAC equipment is helping to clean the air inside our homes. That’s the part that I didn’t get right at all. Still, I have changed a lot of air filters in my time and many of them were dirty. I mean I could see the dirt on the HVAC air filter. However, those air filters were not designed with the thought of good indoor air quality in mind. No, those air filters were designed to trap and remove the sort of airborne hazard that could hurt the HVAC equipment. So really, what I thought was protecting my health was actually protecting the health of the HVAC unit. But man, was it ever an easy fix when I learned about all of this. All I had to do was upgrade the HVAC air filter to a HEPA filter. This thing is trapping and removing more than 99 percent of the airborne contaminants that are degrading the indoor air quality.


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