Better Air Quality Inside Home

I had our old HVAC method upgraded after residing in the beach house for a year.

While the oil furnace & air conditioner still worked, they were both over a decade old & they didn’t run efficiently.

After speaking with an HVAC professional, I realized that I was spending too much money on our daily energy bills & it didn’t make financial sense to keep our old HVAC equipment. Although it was a large expense, it made more sense to install a up-to-date HVAC method in the long run. My up-to-date HVAC method has been heating & cooling our beach house for more than four years & I have had no problems with it. My beach house is regularly comfortable & there’s been no emergency repairs to worry me. Lately though, I’ve noticed that the air quality inside our beach house hasn’t been as good as it usually is. When it was time for our next HVAC tune up, I asked the HVAC professional what could be causing the decrease in air quality. After taking a closer look at our HVAC method & considering how old our HVAC method was, she advocated I have our air duct cleaned. She could see inside a few areas of the air duct & it was covered in dust & debri from constant use over the years. She also advised that I start using a better quality air filter because it would keep the dust & debri out of our air duct for longer periods of time. I had never considered the air duct before or switching air filters, however I knew it would improve our air quality extremely.

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