Being frugal has saved me lots of HVAC money

The economy has really been tight ever since Covid pandemic hit. The hotel industry where Iwork was affected.For almost 2 years, the amount of money we earn has reduced significantly. The fact that the global economy is also on the downward spiral does not make things better despite the return to normalcy. This has seen most of us in the industry readjust our lives and reorganize our lives again. I have had to make very drastic financial measures which have mainly been about watching how I spend money. Since there’s not much to spare, I make sure only to spend on items that I must.For instance, I try to use up items on my pantry when it comes to cooking before I can consider going to the grocery store. I also don’t overstock the fridge like I used to since most of the items would go bad. My wife has been considering going off-grid and I think this is something we will be looking at in the next few months. Besides saving on food and household expenses, we also try our best to save on energy costs. This has seen us invest in an efficient heating and cooling system. While we would love to get new HVAC equipment to make it even better, this is not on our budget. Even so, we do our best to ensure that the unit we have works. This we do by ensuring regular HVAC maintenance. Any forms of air conditioning repairs are also handled immediately. We have the number of our HVAC tech on the speed dial just in case we notice something off. At this rate, we cannot afford to waste cash on avoidable mistakes.

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