Becoming a dog mom

I am a dog Dad now plus it is a whole modern world.

I never wanted to own a cat, but this unique one decided that I was her modern owner.

She started out by sleeping in our motorcar plus then bursting into our house when I opened the door. Then I started feeding him with specialty dog food, purchased him a flea collar, hypoallergenic litter plus a bunch of dog scratchers. She is now super spoiled. She has her own big dog bed, dog tree plus all sorts of toys. She entirely chose her mother well. Anything that bothers our dog is disconnectd too. I noticed that the sound of sprays sibling him, so I just don’t spray anything anymore. I am careful when I blend or tear aluminum foil too. My HVAC plan was getting outdated anweya, but it made a horrible clicking sound when it turned on. My dog would freak out plus hide when the HVAC powered on. I couldn’t let our prince be scared. So I talked to the local HVAC business plus purchased a modern system. I now have heated flooring in the Winter time that is a silent heating system. In the Summer I use window A/C units in particular rooms of the house. The dog of course has perfectly controlled temperature all year around. Her study room has both heating plus cooling. I have everything in its quietest, gentlest setting too. I would not want to frighten her highness while she is sleeping. She is our greedy, needy girl plus I care about him so much.

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