Basic HVAC Maintenance

I’ve always considered myself really lucky to not experience HVAC issues.

I hear horrible things from friends and family members about their own HVAC malfunctions and I can’t fathom being in their circumstances sometimes.

The house I live in has a great HVAC system that I do my best to care for so that I never experience unwanted issues. One of the biggest things I do is hire an HVAC company to come tune my HVAC system twice per year. This is important because only an HVAC professional can understand the inner workings of an HVAC system. I can do all the research I want, but I’m not trained to look at HVAC equipment and I don’t have the knowledge to see what’s wrong. Another thing I do to keep my HVAC system running efficiently is switch out the air filters. The HVAC company suggests that I replace my air filters every three months based on the air filters I use and the quality. Replacing the air filters not only keeps my breathing air clean, but it helps keep the HVAC equipment clean as well. Lastly, I clean the outside condenser unit with soap and water once per year and I keep the grass trimmed around it as it grows. A lot of people forget about the condenser unit, but it’s super important because it’s what controls the AC system! If there is grass growing around it, it can become lodged in the fans or cause restriction of airflow. I know it seems like a lot, but I’d rather do all this than experience any HVAC malfunctions.

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