Another Day in the HVAC Industry Writing Game

It’s wild how much different life is now with my workday compared to thirty years ago.

I’ve done so many different manual labor jobs and grew tired of it in my late 30’s so I found an escape hatch and snuck through it.

My plan was to simplify my life to the extreme and cut down on my workload each week. I’ve been semi-retired since I was 32, working about 15 or 20 hours a week in the HVAC industry, and have enjoyed life a lot more since doing so. I think the past ten years I have worked about 12 hours a week for a few HVAC companies, and I will probably keep this amount for another 15 years till I call it quits. I have been writing a lot for a living ever since getting into the comedy field back in 2005. I now write for HVAC businesses and help them with their marketing campaigns. I like working from home and not having to battle that rush hour traffic like I was doing back in the states. I remember being 23 years old and getting my engineering degree, so that I could work for this HVAC company, but not feeling like I was on the right path. I should have changed career paths then but had no idea what I wanted to do in life and didn’t even have comedy on my radar back then. Instead of building and designing HVAC equipment I should have got into the performing arts and picked up the microphone, at least it would have been a fun and exciting path.
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