An hour with the HVAC professional was a real eye opener

I’m always up for learning more about things that I depend upon.

This just seems like good logic on a number of levels.

Knowing more about the stuff that is essential in our lives gives us a better perspective, knowledge and understanding. So when I got the opportunity to spend an hour or so with the HVAC technician, I jumped at the chance. We have the same HVAC professional that tends to our HVAC equipment twice a year. We actually belong to an HVAC service plan whose main focus is HVAC maintenance. So the HVAC technician comes to our home to do the heating maintenance in the fall and then follows up in the spring with an air conditioning tune up. Last spring, I happened to be off the day the HVAC technician was coming out to do the air conditioning tune up. Again, I’m always looking to understand more about vital components in my life. And the heating and cooling of my home is one of those essential elements in my life. So I asked the HVAC professional if I could simply tag along to learn more about the heating and cooling equipment. He was actually quite pleased that I was that curious and really gave me a great understanding of how all the components of my HVAC system come together to provide such quality heating and air on a daily basis. But for sure, the consistent HVAC maintenance is a very important part in all that quality heating and air. It was an hour well spent and I’m even more grateful for my residential HVAC.


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