An A/C capacitor can malfunction due to the heat

Last year, the summer was extremely hot, and I have noticed the same this year as well.

The temperatures outside are feeling like they are in the three-digit range.

Thankfully, we have been getting some rain, so that does help to cool us down. I live in the Southern part of the country, and this is also our rainy season. Those random rain showers are our only saving grace from the blistering heat. My A/C broke last summer and I am afraid that it will break again this year, and not even a service will be able to prevent it from happening again. The capacitor overheated last year because of the hot temperatures outside. And once it overheated, it was unable to charge the system. The capacitor stores electricity and it gives the A/C the jolt it needs to get the motor running. Last year, when my HVAC technician replaced the capacitor, he mentioned it broke because it overheated. My A/C is in direct sun, and it is being exposed to that extreme heat every single day. So, I am expecting the capacitor to go out again. I have thought about getting a cover for my HVAC unit, but not many technicians recommend covering the air conditioner. Perhaps, I could install a screen to provide additional shade. Currently, there is a small bush around the unit, but it is not protecting it from the direct sunlight. And to be honest, the leaves of that bush are also getting burned by the heat from the sun. I need to figure this out before it is too late.


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