All I saw was a sea of men and one small girl.

I was beginning to feel a bit awkward as an HVAC instructor. After five years, I had yet to see a female HVAC technician in one of my classes. I was poised to greet a room full of testosterone, and I looked around. All I saw was a sea of men, but In the back of the room, between two football players, was one small girl. She was so small that the men had moved their seats away from her to give her some space. She didn’t look very confident, but that was going to change before she got her certification. I asked everyone for their names, and put her in the middle. Some of the guys bellowed out their names, but a couple of them were relaxed. When I called on the young woman, she surprised me. She stood up on her chair, told me her name, where she came from, and how she planned on being at the top of the HVAC class in spite of the Neanderthals she was stuck in a class with. Some of the guys snickered until they realized she was insulting all of them. One of the football players stood up and bowed to her. He said he would gladly be her partner during the classes. She was possibly the smartest and most beautiful future HVAC technician he had ever met. She smiled, and all the guys fell in love. I was sure this class of new HVAC technicians was going to be the most difficult group I ever had. Along with being difficult, I was sure it was going to turn out some amazing HVAC technicians.


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