Air filtration means everything!

I don’t love to make big statements because I usually regret them.

Sometimes, I make something out to be miraculous when it isn’t, so I hesitate when describing how much better our indoor air is due to air purification.

However, I love the air inside my house now! That wasn’t true for a long time. I didn’t realize my HVAC system was having problems! The problem started with the fact our house smelled bad. Airborne smells. They happen when you have a house full of people, two cats, and a dog, along with other sources. The HVAC system simply recycled those smells And this doesn’t even start to get into the health benefits of crisp, clean indoor air. That’s one reason that sold my wife and I on a whole home air purification system. For me, the problem was the smells – there was nothing I could do to cover them up or eliminate them. Our HVAC contractor changed everything. At the risk of carrying on about this, air purification changed my life. I love where I live again, and that matters. I’m so happy to have a whole home air purification system!


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