Air Conditioning in December Used to be A Norm for Me

When I was living back home in the states I would sometimes have to run my AC during the winter months as it was too hot to sleep at night.

That is about the only thing I don’t miss about living back home, but I have a new home here overseas and have to appreciate what I have here as I really don’t want to move back home into that rat race again.

I miss my mom the most but I see her a couple times a year at least. The local contractor hired me here to work with him doing HVAC system repairs and installs, and the rest of my time is spent honing my craft so one day I can do that for a living. I play drums and sing in a band and next week I am starting singing lessons to try and improve my style. I originally moved overseas to perform comedy shows but have since left the racket because I was fed up with all of the politics and games of the comedians. I’m an HVAC repairman by day and a rock star by night. I want to make mom proud of me and help her understand why I had to move over here to make my dream come true. She ran a heating and cooling company back in the day and taught me a lot about the field. I use the knowledge she taught me to do my own thing over here so I can survive. Maybe one day I’ll run my own HVAC business and sing during the nights.

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