Air conditioning company trucks need common repairs during the summer

I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to get a new a/c during the summer. Then, as the summer heat really gets bad down here in the South, condo a/cs end up running ragged. Every other day, I see air conditioning company trucks or vans parked outside of homes installing or fixing a/c units. My friend is a mechanic, and he affirms that he services air conditioning vans all of the time during the summer, since they are traveling so very often. During their busy season, air conditioning companies can log in excess of one hundred miles a day, so it’s no wonder their automobiles require so much maintenance. The ironic thing is that the a/cs in these vans often need the most service, since it’s so hot. Because installing a/cs is very arduous work, the professionals definitely want to be sure they are staying cool and hydrated themselves. That’s why I’ve begun to market my homemade lemonade business to air conditioning companies in the summer. My lemonade is fresh and full of minerals and electrolytes that do an excellent job of hydrating the body! The alternative lemonades on the market may be full of sugars and unnecessary added ingredients. I much prefer using whole, natural, and straight-forward ingredients that can target the microbiome as well as promote cell regeneration in the body. When you live in the South, it’s of the utmost importance to stay hydrated. I must say, I’m quite proud of the way I am helping people stay healthy with a delicious lemon drink. I hope to expand my business over the next few years.