Air conditioning can easily destruction natural hair as well as curls

I’ve had curly hair for a while now.

Before then, my hair was straight, so I had a lot to learn about my new, natural curl pattern when I decided to cut my hair. I think I’ve begun to get a decent grasp on my hair and its uniqueness, but there’s definitely been some surprises. However, one thing that I had to understand was the many ways that air conditioning and heating can affect my hair. I live down South, so relying on a/c is a pretty common thing in our area. When I cut my hair around the beginning of the new year, I was using our gas furnace more than I was using the a/c, obviously. Because the air vent in our living room is directly facing the bed, the gas furnace would be blasting directly on me and my hair throughout the entire night. I realized that the heat was causing my hair to be excessively dry when I woke up. Therefore, I ended up shifting the direction that the air vent faced. It’s not particularly easy to change the direction of the air vent though, so the heat only shifted a bit. I also realized that when the thermostat was set to a temperature that was too hot, my curls would be affected by too much humidity and get frizzy. On the other hand, when the thermostat was set too low, my curls would also be affected negatively. It’s been a struggle, but I’m studying a lot about hair and I think that has helped me come to understand how to care for my hair better.

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