Air conditioning breakdowns can easily be invasive to our schedule

I have a family of seven, so to say that our life gets crazy is putting it mildly! I have six different things going on all of the time because everyone’s needs and demands are pressing on me.

That’s okay though, I love my family! Sometimes it does get pretty overwhelming and draining though.

Recently, our a/c broke, and it could not have happened at a worse time. Not only is our region in the middle of a heat wave, but the cost to get a new a/c is much greater than it would be due to the season. With all our expensive summer trips, paying to install a new air conditioning was not a viable plan. I even had a hard time scheduling an HVAC man to come out and inspect our current a/c. I am quite often not home, and the air conditioning company had tight windows for making appointments. The kids were infuriated when I had to cancel one particular trip, although I reminded them that getting the a/c fixed as fast as possible would allow them to be much more comfortable at home. Especially, since everyone has had trouble sleeping without the ability to keep the thermostat at an honestly frigid sixty-two degrees at night! Reminding them of the way it used to be was an incentive to calm them down. This is all a headache, but I will be quite glad when we are able to get our air conditioning fixed!.

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