Air conditioner tune up at the seasoned automobile repair station

The new owner was transforming the seasoned repair station down the street into a modern, well-equipped auto repair center, then i work for an a/c company as an air conditioning system rep, plus the new owner called asking for air conditioning system services, then the shop would need more than an a/c tune-up, plus I was the unfortunate a/c expert given the job; well, depending on how you look at it.

There would be possible a/c repair because I doubted anyone had bothered to care for the air conditioning system when it was closed! When I got there, the a/c installation was in disarray, just as I had anticipated. It was clear from the thermostat that the heat pump was off, however it must have been running for a while, even after the shop was closed before they switched it off. I have worked in the a/c supplier for years, however the state of the a/c filter was rare. It had all manners of grime plus filth. It must have been the same filter as the previous owners before they closed the shop. The cooling equipment surprisingly did not have a lot of technical issues, after the cleaning, which took most of our time, especially myself and others cleaning ducts, the cooling products were as good as new. I hoped that the new owners would take better care of it so that it would serve them better. I would need to teach them more about a/c plus how to work the cooling technology so they can get the most out of it. Otherwise, they would consistently call for a cooling specialist on issues they could particularly avoid.

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