Ahh I Finally Booked it, I am Headed Home for Christmas Again

I wasn’t sure I would make it back to the States for the Wintertime holiday, but I think I just secured a roommate to watch our cats so I just booked the flight back.

If the roommate doesn’t pan out I am still going home and I’ll find a way to make it work.

I just need someone to look after our cats plus I would need to work some for the local company back home to receive some Uber and spending money. I just need to keep the expenditures under about $500 for miscellaneous things like taxis and whatnot. My heating and air conditioning rep friend will surely have some work for me to do when I go back, so I should be all set with money. Worst case scenario, I will pull a few hundred bucks from our crypto billfold, but I would rather not touch it, so I will leave it as a last resort. I think with the heating and cooling repairs for our buddie’s corporation I will make enough money to cover whatever I spend when I am back home. The most pressing thing of all is I AM GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! I was thinking I wouldn’t make it home and I would be resting in this cold empty flat listening to our air cleaner humming while I’m staring at the walls. I don’t suppose resting alone during the Christmas holidays would be fantastic for my soul and happiness. I could sell one or two heating and air conditioning systems online and make enough money to cover the whole trip, so I am trying that route too.

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