Adding Yoga to my workout routine

My weekly workout consists of a three-part split, with different body parts trained once a week.

As a kid, I used to work out every afternoon.

Therefore, I only need to lift weights a few nights a week to maintain the muscle I still have. I am more flexible now than I used to be and have added yoga to my workout routine despite having a smaller muscle mass. I used to work as a heating and air conditioning technician when I was younger. Also, I was suffering from lower back pain until I started doing yoga every afternoon in order to relax my body. It has helped me so much that I plan to carry on doing it until I am unable to transport anymore because it has been so helpful to me. It used to be difficult for me to bend over while working on my air conditioner for several minutes at a time, but I no longer have this problem. Due to the fact that most of my work is done online, I don’t need to lift as much weight as I did when I was younger. In the past, I had to carry heavy heat and air conditioning equipment up ladders and up stairs, but now I can do everything at the touch of a button. I still work some manual labor, but it is not as much as it used to be when I was younger and stronger. The reason why I am intending to clean my gas furnace filter today is because Winter will soon come as well, so I want my furnace in top condition when it does.

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