Adding the room with our own Heating plus A/C turns out perfect

It certainly was a problem that both of us were trying our best to figure out.

But the answers were challenging.

The fact is, both of us had one more kid than both of us have home offices in our home. That so wasn’t the plan when both of us bought that house. Yet, both of us were surprised with our youngest son. That happens in life. Still, both of us bough this house, replaced the Heating plus A/C unit plus renovated the home office thinking that we’d be here til the youngsters were out of the house. And both of us love this house. But the brothers sharing a room just wasn’t working. Honestly, it certainly isn’t on the youngsters. They did the best they could to make those living arrangements work. Yet, our oldest child sticks to hitting the books inside the a/c as he is passionate about his education plus getting into a nice university. And that is so nice with myself and others because it looks like he’ll get a full ride to college plus that is a dream come true for us. But that left the youngest one with nowhere he could just be. Finally, both of us decided that moving was out of the question so both of us added a master home office suite. It’s awesome plus even came with its own ductless heat pump. That room is like being on holiday every, single day. The people I was with and I even have our own powder room plus it has a space furnace to warm things up on those frigid Winter time afternoons. There is the added bonus of all the value that this current room with it’s own quality heating plus air adds to our home.

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