Adding modern technology to the home

When I moved into an old house the first thing that I wanted to do was modernize it.

  • This wasn’t any sort of special old house, it was just a house that had been neglected and was run down and needed a lot of tinder love and care to get back to a good place.

My husband and I both love DIY projects and so restoring the old house or something that was going to be a lot of fun for us. Since the heating and AC system was the part of the house I was in the first condition we decided to tackle that issue first. One of the things that we had a hard time deciding on was what kind of heating and cooling system we are going to replace anyways. There was so many different heating and AC units that were available from our local heat and cooling provider that we had no idea which one to choose. We decided to get some advice from the professionals. We went down to the heating and AC store. We told one of the HVAC technicians there about our situation and asked for advice on what would work best for her home. The HVAC technician advised us to explain our current situation in detail and so we did. After getting his input and doing further research we ultimately decided to go with an electric furnace for the heating system and a standard Central cooling system for the AC. However we have thought about upgrading to a geothermal heat pump in the future.


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