A whole house heating morning for the gated community

I grew up on a ranch, and most people in that area had farms which meant that the neighbors were about farther away. The fun section was riding a bike to the neighbors home, however that meant not being able to play till dusk. I grew up and had a family and then moved to a gated community. Now that I am laboring as an Heating and A/C repairman in a reputable heating corp, I came up with this system to have a whole house heating morning in our community. The morning would include providing quality oil furnace/heater tune-ups and studying the safest ways to scrub your washable filter without damaging it. The residents would think how to check for leaks in your ductwork, duct cleaning, and other easy activities that would maximize the potential of a single’s furnace. The workers from the house services contractor would do rounds in the houses, give them energy-saving help tips best suited for their unit, and teach them how to seal leaks on their Heating and A/C duct. As for the new boiler replacements, the heating corporations would determine the most suitable location for the gas oil furnace. This particular morning would bring help to the gated community residents instead of them looking for help. There were heating providers on standby, ready to sell any vital component needed by the residents. The repair would also extend to gas fireplaces for those who have them. The morning would be closed by a community get together with food, drinks, and games. I hoped that the get together would be a hit for both the adults and the children. The get together would create an aplace for the neighbors to interact more.
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