a welcome retreat

My dad got a cellphone call the other day from an old High School buddy as well as the guy invited our family up to his lodge for a week this summer. I guess it is in an part where they used to hang out years ago as well as my dad is absolutely gleeful about going. He has told us stories about his friends as well as all the adventures they had growing up as well as I am sure that he feels like regoing to see his youth will make him feel the same way again, however he said that there is a beautiful lake, hiking trails, fishing, as well as more that we can take fortune of while we are there. Now, I am not the outdoorsy type so this may not be the best idea for me although I will try as well as make the best of it. I only hope that there will be some sort of indoor activities too. My idea of a holiday involves hotel rooms, swimming pools, as well as shopping, but of course, they also involve having quality heating as well as cooling at my fingertips. At least if there is some sort of temperature controlled retreat from all the outdoor fun, I can survive the whole lodge thing. Dealing with tepid sunny nights separate from being able to have a cool retreat would be miserable, dad can love hanging out with his old university buddy as well as reminiscing about the, “good old nights”, as well as we can make some good family memories. I am willing to make the sacrifice as well as put on a gleeful face so long as I am comfortable. Who knows, maybe I can be converted into a somewhat outdoors person.


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